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Naturally Inspired

Some say, art is to see beauty where others don’t. As for a spilled cup of milk, I see forms and shapes emerging. These patterns might easily be explained by the laws of physics – to me, they carry a certain kind of magic. This fascination serves as a great source of inspiration… nature’s own way of expressing itself.

Something unexpected has happened, something out of the ordinary, something that maybe shouldn’t have. But if you stop for a moment, let go of any judgement (and disregard its limitation), if you give it some time – beauty will unfold. I can emerge myself in the beauty of happy accidents.

I love the rainbow colors a drop of oil forms in a liquid. The way that water freezes, the organic patterns of frozen puddles. The beauty of a young fern leaf unfolding, or the delicate skeleton of a rotting autumn leaf. I am fascinated with the Fibonacci sequence, organic patterns and fractals in nature. Nature is a constant and infinite source of inspiration.

The majestic cloud formations just before a thunderstorm bringing fantastic associations and great ideas. Remember these childhood memories: carelessly laying in the grass and taking the time to observe and admire these wonderful cloud formations? The nostalgia of a world without time and sorrow, simply being there. And being fascinated by the wonders mother nature has to offer.

Seemingly of nothing, a picture will appear in my mind – and not to draw it is not an option. It will stay in my head until I get it on a blank paper or a piece of canvas. Or at least capture it with my camera. Later on (or maybe much later on, after years) even combine these various different techniques.

Some people like books. Some people like vinyl records. Some like to play old music instruments or use a typewriter. I love to create images by drawing with pens, pencils or charcoal, or paint with watercolor or acrylic colors. Just the idea of using these media triggers my senses: The scratching sound of drawing with a piece of charcoal on a structured heavy paper can give me goosebumps!

I guess that any form of creative expression, in its own way, is a form of art. Whether it is an experienced carpenter, a great chef, a highly proficient musician or a seasoned writer – I hold a fascination for the mastery of any craft. I love to see people expressing themselves in their own way. Whether it is creating arts or just being dedicated to “their thing”, such as performing a live action role play. Do your thing!

My creative expression is painting and drawing plus photography. Why, I don’t really know… Maybe it runs in the family since my grandfather Karel Liška was a painter as well, he was deeply inspired by nature.  His credo was:

“To find the eternal in nature, to feel and express a sense of harmony and beauty

Maybe it is for some other reason. I am convinced that you don’t really get to choose your muse – it chooses you.

In a way, it is an obligation to follow it and to express what needs to be out there for the world to experience. After a while, you will get very good at it and learn to appreciate the effects of serendipity – which holds its very own kind of magic. Embrace the unknown.

My paintings are sometimes very detailed, sometimes more abstract. But they are, in a way, different every time and for every person. Just as when we look into a mirror, we see another reality – one that is different from ours. It is the same with pictures or anything else in the world: we don’t really see what is there; we all look through our very own filter.

That is why I love to see what my paintings do to other people. It’s astonishing how much time visitors may take to thoroughly study a painting and I’m so grateful to see this (and so is my artist ego of course). I love to listen to people’s thoughts, feedback and questions: hear about their interpretation and how my artworks make them feel. Sometimes, visitors discover a completely new facet of a picture, a different aspect formed by their personal interpretation and experience. This is exciting! And very personal.

So… I invite you into my world of pictures. Feel free to make it your own, enjoy and please tell me about it!

Warm regards, Vero

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